Last updated on 09/04/2021

What to do if you have complaints

Every employee of the Company must:

  • Direct you to the employee who is dealing with complaints
  • Provide necessary data for communication (telephone number, email address)

Responsible employee must:

  • Inform you about your rights and dispute process
  • Provide relevant policies of the company and application form

ACRA Credit Reporting CJSC

Submit written complaint to Responsible employee or send to the following address:

 15, M. Khorenatsi str., Yerevan, 0010

You can also file a complaint through the Financial System Mediator.

  • State your data to receive answer
  • Be sure to take the receipt and keep it till final solution

Company makes a decision about the complaints (satisfy, partially satisfy, reject) within 15 days.

If you have any question contact Responsible person

+374 10 522 419


  • You are a physical person, a sole proprietor or a legal entity, including a guarantor, mortgagor or other person who has a grievance (eg collateral) complaint
  • Complaint is relating to provided service and have money claim (up to 10 million drams amount) or to the information included in credit report
  • You haven’t got an answer within 15 days or are not satisfied with the answer
  • The complaint is not being conducted in court or arbitral tribunal
  • Haven’t passed 6 months after the answer date
  • Disputed act or omission took place after 2 august 2008

The services are free of charge

15, M. Khotenatsi str., Elite plaza business center, 7-th floor, Yerevan 0010 tell. +374 60 701 111,


  • In case arbitral agreement was concluded between you and the company, you have to solve arising disputes in arbitral tribunal
  • You can refuse arbitral agreement while sighing to a contract – company still must provide you with the service
  • Remember: even in case of arbitral agreement you can apply to financial system mediator unless complaint is not been examined in tribunal
  • Mediator has no right to accept the complaint, if it has already being examined in tribunal


  • You can always apply to the Court
  • Decision of the Court can`t be reconsidered by financial system mediator


  • You can apply also to the Central bank and they will answer your complaint within 15 days (6, V. Sargsyan str., Yerevan, 0010 tell. +374 10 592 697,
  • If your complaint is under the other organization rights, then the Central bank will send it to them
  • The Central bank advise you to apply for the complaint, first of all, to the financial system mediator (step 2)

If you have any question apply to

ACRA Credit Reporting CJSC, 15 Khorenatsi, 9th floor «Elite Plaza» business center, Yerevan, 0010, Republic of Armenia, Tel: +374-10-522467, E-mail: