Last updated on 06/12/2023

Consumer rights

Dear customer,
For submitting any request (offer/comment or complaint ) about services provided by ACRA or for getting more information about provided services you can apply to e-mail address – , or call to telephone number (+374-10) 522 467.

The process for receiving, examining and responding of customers’ complaints about credit reports provided by ACRA, is defined by ”Dispute settlement procedure” of ”ACRA Credit Reporting” CJSC.

You may also apply with a complaint to the Central Bank of RA. Please be informed that the Central Bank of RA is incompetent to settle disputes between you and “ACRA Credit Reporting” CJSC, however it can take responsibility measures if it appears that “ACRA Credit Reporting” CJSC has violated the law.

Central Bank of RA 
Address. 6, Vazgen Sargsyan, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 0010
Tel. (010) 592 697

«In cases defined under parts 2 and 3 of the article 18 of The RA Law on ”Circulation of Credit Information and Activities of Credit Bureaus”, the borrower (credit information subject) can get free of charge credit report. In particular:

  1. When credit report recipients (banks, credit organizations, other ACRA members), based on credit reports received from ACRA, refuse to render services to the credit information subject (Subject), to sign labor or civil contract with the Subject, or create other unfavorable conditions for the Subject, latters must inform the Subject about the credit report ,which served as a basis for such consequences.
    1. Upon the request of the Subject the credit report recipients must provide him with the copy of the credit report.
    2. The Subject is eligible to get credit report free of charge also from ACRA after the fact of rejection from credit report recipient or the fact of occurrence of unfavorable consequences within 30 day, by submitting to ACRA the documents confirming the rejection or unfavorable consequences.
  1. The Subject has the right to get credit report from ACRA on a free basis at least once in 12 months.

Procedure and conditions for obtaining free credit reports by Subjects are defined in ”Free Credit Report Providing Regulation” of ”ACRA Credit Reporting” CJSC.

According to part 1 of article 19 of the RA Law ”On Circulation of Credit Information and Activities of Credit Bureaus” , any person (physical and legal) has the right:

  1. To receive fully and without limitations credit reports about himself and other services provided by Credit Bureau as defined in this law.
  2. To get information on providers of information.
  3. To get the names of persons, who made inquiries about the subject of credit information during the last one year.
  4. To appeal against information, existing in the Credit Bureau, correct and supplement it.
  5. To prohibit Credit Bureau to sell or provide to Credit Bureau customers any information, except the cases defined by the legislation.