Last updated on 07/12/2023

Credit report

According to RA law “On circulation of credit information and activity of credit bureaus” based on quid pro quo principle ACRA credit bureau provides Partner organizations with credit information regarding entities of credit information (borrowers).

Credit report contains the following information:

  • Identity of the Subject
  • Total number of inquiries regarding the Subject / bankruptcy data
  • Amount and number of credits, guarantees and other obligations
  • Average monthly income
  • Complete information on each credit / guarantee:

-credit organization / due amount /
-credit amount by contract / number of contract revisions
-credit number / type / annual interest rate / scope and place of use / status
-credit risk class / date of credit last classification/ date of issue / date of update / contract date / collateral value and subject / guarantee amount
-past due date / number of past due days
-past due balance amount / past due interest amount
-date of credit actual repayment / actual amount provided / actually repaid amount / outstanding credit balance / final repayment date

  • Actual payments monthly chart
  • Other obligations (i.e. utilities)
  • Information on interrelated persons
  • Information about owners (only available in commercial credit report AR3)
  • Inquiries regarding the Subject for the previous year (date / reason / Source)

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